About Us

Embedded in our rich heritage is a hunger to keep evolving and learning how to do things better.

Although a relatively new brand, PES has a wealth of experience and the team is largely the same talented individuals who originally founded ECS in 1989. Following a short period under a number of PLCs, the business is now back to a close knit, forward thinking family operation, focused on quality, retention and growth.


ECS founded. Organic growth of £4m within 3 years.

With a turnover of £10m, ECS sold to MSS plc.

The original ECS management team bought back their business and PES was created.
Business rebuild program underway to retain existing customers and grow PES (Estimated revenue £7.5 million)

Our Team

“We appreciate that outstanding service can only be delivered by outstanding people”

Our people are trained, mentored and developed to be the best in their field. They take pride in what they do and they deliver exceptional levels of service to our customers. We believe that the development of our people is instrumental in achieving our business objectives. It is their values, perception and motivation that plays the biggest part in achieving success for PES and its customers.

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